what you see is what you got

Plug’n’Play Dropwatcher 

  • WebInterface for operation without any software or any training
  • Automatic Master and Slave Mode to control your dispensing process or just for monitoring
  • Virtual Video Function for for easy and better analysis of the dispensing processes
  • USB, Serial and Ethernet/WiFi interface (open API)

Flexible Application 

  • Backlight cantilever for moving applications
  • Detachable camera head for applications with low space requirements
  • for laboratory or machine integration
  • different lenses available
  • optional backlight carrier

Operating Software

  • Integrated webserver for intuitive operating without any installation
  • PC, tablet or mobile phone compatible
  • Single Shot, Double Shot, Multi-Shot, Statistics and Videos can be performed easily 


perfect setup for every application

Basic Lab

droptical UltiStrobe with integrated camera chip for using it with yout your own hardware system.

Pro Lab

UltiStrobe with integrated camera chip, mounted on an aluminium grooved plate and X/Y/Z adjustable brackets for camera and dispenser. Ready-To-Use setup for measurements at the desk.

Basic Flex

UltiStrobe with separate camera chip, combined with a backlight cantilever. Perfect fit for existing hardware or robot based systems.

Pro Flex

UltiStrobe with separate camera chip, combined with a backlight centilever. Mounted on an aluminium grooved plate and flexible articulated arm including adjustable bracket for focusing.